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Top Five Reasons Behind Higher Car Emissions

Higher car emissions result in wastage of fuel and release of additional carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There are various reasons for such higher car emissions and by being aware of the issues, you will be able to rectify them before they snowball into bigger problems. Let us delve into the details in the following sections so that you can better detect the problems early on and get them fixed.

5 Reasons For Higher Car Emissions

  • Problems With Fuel Injection

  • Problems In Oxygen Sensor

  • Damaged Evaporative Emission Control System

  • Leakage In Vacuum

  • Problems With Mass Air Flow Sensor

Issue #1: Problems With Fuel Injection

Any issue in the field injector or full injector control unit in the engine may result in additional emissions when such problem exists. It results in poor balancing of quantity of air and fuel that gets combined.

Issue #2: Problems In Oxygen Sensor

If oxygen sensor has faults then it will not be able to correctly register the quantity of oxygen present in the exhaust. This will have negative effect over amount and quality of emission from the car.

Issue #3: Damaged Evaporative Emission Control System

If there are breaks or leaks in the evaporative emission control system then it can result in additional gas fume leakage.

Issue #4: Leakage In Vacuum

Manifold absolute pressures sensor starts to have issues when vacuum lines or gaskets begin leaking. when this happens, you will notice increased amount of car emissions.

Issue #5: Problems With Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass air flow sensor decides about the quantity of fuel which needs to be consumed at any given point of time. This is determined on the basis of percentage of air present inside the internal combustion engine. If the sensor is functioning poorly then more than required fuel will be used and cause additional carbon monoxide generation.

Value Of Lowering Car Emissions

If there are higher car emissions then it is not good for your car as well as the environment. Statistics show that fuel emissions caused by vehicles is increasing at a greater rate compared to other kinds of emissions. Due to this reason vehicles have a greater impact on how much carbon taxide dioxide gets released in the atmosphere.

Additionally, by fixing the above problems you will be able to improve fuel efficiency of your car and reduce the expenditure on gas. The best thing to do will be to get your car inspected by experts on a regular basis so that any issues can be detected and rectified early on.

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