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RJ’s Auto Tech, is an automotive service, and repair shop located in the Toronto area. Our mission statement is simple; “Customer satisfaction is our number one commitment”. Without satisfied customers, no business will succeed, and we feel that we have the experience, and know how to meet all our customer’s automotive needs.


RJ’s Auto Tech, thrives on customer service; we feel that we are different than the other automotive service, and repair shops, because of how our customers are treated. We offer a 50-point digital inspection to our customers, with the knowledge, and understanding of what their car needs, and will need in the near future, so that the customer can feel safe, and secure in their automobile.

We strongly believe that it is not from one-time customers, that will make our business survive, but repeat business, and personal recommendation. We feel that providing the utmost in customer service, will set us apart from other automotive service, and repair shops.


RJ’s Auto Tech, is owned, and operated by Randy, and Lisa John. Randy, is a Licensed Automotive Service Technician, whose years of experience will provide customers with exceptional service.




Randy has been a mechanic since 2001, and he graduated from Durham College, for Automotive Service Technician. Randy, enjoys being a mechanic, because he likes to see how things work, he likes to take things apart, and put them all together. He also enjoys making cars go faster, and restoring old cars to new again. Randy, likes spending time with his family, and listening to music in his spare time. His dream was to one day open his own shop, and after many years in the industry this dream came true in 2010, with the opening of RJ’s Auto Tech.



Lisa is Randy’s wife and has a degree in Marketing administration from Seneca College, and has been working with her husband, running the business since 2010. Lisa, works in the office, and does all the administrative work, as well as the marketing for the business. She enjoys spending time with her family, and also enjoys home décor, and home decorating during her spare time.



Vic has been with RJ’s Auto Tech, since 2019, and has been a Licensed Automotive Service Technician, since 2012. He graduated from Centennial College, for Automotive Service Technician. Vic, says he enjoys trouble shooting, and fixing the problem, and getting it right the first time! During his spare time Vic, enjoys reading about new technology in the automotive industry. he gets to work in. He loves the mechanical aspect of fixing a car.

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