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Is your vehicle not running like it used to, or is it time for your factory recommended maintenance? Book an appointment with RJ’s Auto Tech, your trusted Automate Repair shop today and we can perform all of your tune up and maintenance services. We follow all factory recommended procedures for your vehicle, at a price that beats the dealership.


Tune ups are an important part of your vehicle’s maintenance. Today’s modern engines are built better and last longer as long as proper maintenance is performed.


Our Tune up consist of the following:

  • Computerized engine analyses

  • Spark plugs

  • Fuel and air filters

  • Ignition and fuel components (ignition wires, coils, etc.)

  • Replacement of fuel and air filters

  • PCV valve

  • Check fluids

  • Fuel induction service

  • Throttle body service


Not only will a properly scheduled tune-up help prevent performance issues; it will also maximize the efficiency of your engine, extending the life of your vehicle. Neglecting to maintain your vehicle usually results in additional expense, and sometimes permanent damage to your vehicle.


Sometimes it’s hard to recognize that your engine is losing performance. It usually happens gradually. You don’t notice that your vehicle is not performing optimally until the check engine light is on. By the time you're dashboard displays the warning light, your car is already running poorly and there could be more serious issues.


When is it time for a tune-up? In the past, all cars required an annual tune-up that usually involved changing the spark plugs, caps and rotors. Newer models are now computerized, so you may not need to change these things out as often. It is always best to ask us at RJ’s Auto Tech for a maintenance schedule recommended for your specific vehicle.


In order to keep your vehicle in top condition, you should de-carbon the engine every 2 years or 40 000KM. Engines are now being built with tighter tolerances. There is not a lot of room for build-up and just a little will affect its performance. Our fuel air induction service cleans off any carbon, making your vehicle run better. RJ’s Auto Tech uses only the highest quality replacement parts, filters, oils and components when it comes to your car.

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