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5 Engine Noises That Require Immediate Attention

At some point or the other most vehicle owners will find that the engine is making strange noises. Many of these noises are usually harmless and can be taken care of quite easily. However, there are some noises which require immediate attention, and you should take your car to an auto shop when you hear these noises. Let us look at some such engine noises.

Top 5 Engine Noises Requiring Immediate Attention

If the car is making such a noise, then it should be a cause for concern. You may find that the noise becomes worse if you are speeding up. The most common reason for such noise is that the engine parts have worn out. The noise may also be caused by ignition problem that results because of an old air filter or a spark plug that has been damaged.


This type of noise can be heard when brakes are applied. The common reason is dirt buildup on brake drums, rotors, shoes, or pads. You should visit auto shop on an immediate basis because such noise can also occur when brake pads are worn out or brake calipers are mounted improperly. If squealing noise is ignored, then it may well result in brake failures in future. So, getting in touch with the car mechanics auto shop will be the best thing to do.


This noise is an indication of leaked vacuum or overheated engine. Hissing sound can also be caused by leakage of coolant or fluid leakage over engine’s hot parts. In such situation, it becomes a safety issue, and you should immediately visit an auto shop.

Grinding Transmission

It is common to experience grind in manual transmission when the clutch and shift are operated. However, you may also experience grinding noise when using automatic transmission. In both situations, it would be necessary to visit an auto shop. It could be due to starter motor which needs to be adjusted or in some cases should be replaced. Such noise may come while shifting gears and signifies issues with the transmission. If there is manual transmission, then it may become necessary to replace the same.


This kind of noise occurs because of leaks present in fuel injector or start originating from muffler holes. You should visit the nearest auto shop when you hear such noise.

As we can see from above details, engine can start making noise due to varied reasons. Many of these noises are cause for concern and can result in more serious problems if not taken care of on immediate basis. Thus, if you are getting any of the above-mentioned engine sounds then it will be better to visit your nearest car mechanic shop on urgent basis.

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