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5 Weird Problems That Arise Due to Weak Battery and How to Avoid Them

In modern cars, factory supplied battery normally has a shorter lifespan and when the battery becomes weak, it can result in different annoying problems. In the following sections we will look at some such problems that begin to surface with a weak battery.

A Weak Battery and Associated Issues

Strange Warning Light Illumination

A very good sign of a dying battery is spontaneous and sudden illumination of several warning lights in the instrument cluster. If you notice such thing then it is advisable to get the charging system and battery examined by professionals and get the battery replaced, if it is found that it has reached it's dying stage.

Improper Functioning of Windows and Door Locks

Some other problems noticed when there is a weak battery include the following.

  • Power tailgate which does not function all the time.

  • Spontaneous reversal of position by power door locks, immediately after they are unlocked or locked.

  • Inconsistent response from push button ignition.

  • Power windows which have random response to switch inputs.

  • Stereo that operates inconsistently.

  • A touchscreen interface that malfunctions or crashes randomly.

  • A convertible roof that operates oddly.

Failure of Auto Start/Stop

Auto start-stop feature is used in modern cars for turning off the engine when the car is standing at traffic signal and restarts the vehicle when the brake is released. If battery is weak or dying, the auto start-stop feature will not work properly and your car may not start, leaving you stranded at an intersection.

Sudden Alarm Activation

When there is a weak battery, it can result in several problems such as malfunction of the alarm system. If such a thing happens at 2 A.M. then you may well end up giving an unnecessary horn blast in your neighborhood. This happens rarely but is certainly not something that is unheard of. If the alarm system in the car is activating spontaneously and there is no tampering with the car then it will be advisable to get the battery checked and replaced by a professional.

Difficulty Shifting Out of Park

Many new cars have electronic gear shifting system which is responsible for sending signals to the module and results in engagement of preferred gear. If battery power is not sufficient then it can result in poor electronic systems performance. Some of the problems you will notice include warning messages, inconsistent operations, and failure to shift the car out of park mode.

To conclude, apart from other causes, we will say that infrequent use or frequent use for shorter drives have a negative impact over lifespan of the battery. If the car stays in the garage for long periods of time or if you're driving the car for only few minutes at a time, then the battery will be losing its power more rapidly compared to how much the alternator is able to recharge the battery.

If such a thing happens then it will result in reduction of durability as well as performance of car battery. If the car is infrequently used then what you can do is take a long drive at least once in a week. This will be good for your battery as well as car engine. Finally, if you have doubts that your car battery is dying then get it checked by a professional.

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