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6 Tips for Proper Summer Car Maintenance

Summer is the right time to do some maintenance for your car and to get ready for the approaching warmer months of summer. Let us go through the details in the following sections.

Top 6 Tips For Summer Car Maintenance

Tip #1: Tires

Tires often experience the highest amount of damage. In spring you may get sudden icy roads or spring snow. Pop-up showers also increase during springtime and tend to puddle the roads. You should do a thorough inspection to make sure the tires are not damaged.

Balding tires fail to provide required traction and can result in vehicle skidding or spinning out of control. As part of spring maintenance, you should also look for the tire pressure. Confirm that the tires are inflated as required.

Tip #2: Wipers

During winter the wiper blades usually get damaged a lot. They can chip and crack due to cold temperatures. The best thing to do will be to replace the wiper blades so that wipers are ready for the spring showers.

Tip #3: Brakes

In case the brakes are making strange noise when the pedal is pressed or if the pedal is squishy then it will indicate that there is a problem. There can be problems with the rotor or the caliper pads. You should consult a certified technician to find the problems and rectify them.

Tip #4: Oil And Various Fluids

Replacing oil filters and changing oil at regular intervals is the the right thing to do to ensure engine performs at optimum efficiency. Some of the other fluids that you should check for include levels of break fluids and power steering fluids. Spring is also the right time to add the washer fluid. Such maintenance checkup will get the car ready for this spring.

Tip #5: Coolant

Coolant levels should be checked at regular intervals. In addition, if the tank appears to be having rusty water then flushing and refilling the same in the overflow reservoir tank will be advisable. Experts may also recommend getting a new thermostat so that cooling system works as desired.

Tip #6: Hoses and Belts

During spring car maintenance you should also check the belt for any kind of chipping or cracking signs. Additionally, if it is looking dried out then getting it replaced will be advised.

Apart from the above maintenance work, spring is also the right time for giving your car a good clean. In winter, snowy season salt and other debris create problems for the paint and finishing. Proper cleaning will get the car ready to hit the roads.

A Final Note

As we can see, there are several details that you will have to look into as part of spring car maintenance. Proper maintenance will ensure that the car runs in optimal condition and is ready for the approaching warmer summer months.

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