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6 Tips for Safe and Secure Winter Car Care

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

In winter your car will face many problems, right from frozen fuel lines to low tire pressure and road salt damage. Here, we will look at important tips to protect your car as the mercury dips.

Top Winter Car Care Tips

Tip #1: Maintain Tires in Good Condition

Maintaining right tire pressure is important and you need to check the pressure on a weekly basis. If the tires are underinflated then they will wear prematurely as well as lose traction while driving on slippery or icy surface. It is worth mentioning here that tires tend to lose pressure of about a pound for every ten degree temperature drop.

Additionally, it is better to get winter tires as they help the car get better traction when it stops or turns on the snowy pavement.

Tip #2: Add a Protective Layer

By adding a coating of polymer wax you will be able to develop a barrier against sleet, snow, grime, and road salt. In addition, regular car wash will help in washing away snow build up in difficult to reach sections like wheel wells, wheels, and under body.

Tip #3: Use Antifreeze

Coolant or antifreeze is necessary during winter months for your engine. It serves the purpose of preventing a freeze. You need to ensure that levels of coolant remain adequately high and there are no leaks from where the coolant may drain.

Tip #4: Check Defroster

Ensure that the climate control and defroster system is in good condition. Climate control system performs the function of keeping you warm, while the defroster prevents windows from becoming icy or foggy.

Tip #5: Examine Battery

Cranking power of battery gets affected during winter and at 0OF its cranking power goes down by half to what it is at 80OF. Thus, you need maintain good fluid level in your battery. In addition, get it professionally tested at a repair shop, auto parts store, or a service station.

Tip #6: Choose the Right Motor Oil

In winter conditions motor oil tends to thicken and engine finds it difficult to turn over. Ideally, you should use an oil with multi-viscosity and falls in the viscosity index’s “W” range. This range signifies that the motor oil is specially formulated to be used in winter season.

These provide excellent oil flow even at very low temperatures. In addition, when you are getting the oil changed, ensure that oil filter is also replaced so that the system receives good oil flow.


As we can see, winter care care is quite important to ensure your car keeps running in good condition. Get in touch with us for safe and secure car care. Call RJ’s Autotech at 416-850-0723 to know more about how to maintain your car in good condition during the winter season.

Our experts can help with filter and engine oil change, checking of fluids and examine belts, lubrication of all hinges and locks, inspection of headlamp covers and lights, test of charging and battery system, examination of condition and depth of sidewalls.

Want to know if your car is ready for the winter season? Call us now to book an appointment!

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