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What Causes Engine Sputtering?

If there is a sputtering engine then it will be very disturbing and unnerving experience for the car owner. It will also be a sign that there is something wrong with the engine. In such situation, the best thing to do will be to get the issue resolved. There are some reasons behind a sputtering engine, which can further damage it and also result in higher consumption of fuel. In the following sections we will look at common reasons for a sputtering engine.

Common Reasons for a Sputtering Engine

Catalytic Converter

It is the duty of catalytic converter to turn harmful carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide before it comes out of the car. If the catalytic converter is not working then the engine starts sputtering. It also overheats and you start getting a smell similar to that of rotten eggs. This smell is actually the smell of sulfur.

Exhaust Manifold

This is the part of the engine that handles car's engine exhaust. If the exhaust manifold starts leaking then the engine will overheat and begin sputtering. There can also be a tapping or hissing sound. The sound becomes prominent when there is a cold engine and the exhaust is escaping out of the manifold.

Fuel Injectors

As the gasoline is burned by the engine, over time the fuel injectors become clogged. Gasoline engines have a natural byproduct in the form of carbon and gradually it builds up over the fuel injectors. Fuel injectors that are clogged result in a sputtering engine since they are not able to spray required amount of gasoline inside the engine’s intake manifold or the cylinders.

Seals or Gaskets

A vacuum or exhaust leak will result in a sputtering engine. You need to be aware of the fact that it is far less expensive to get the damaged seal or gasket replaced compared to how much you will have to spend if any engine part is to be replaced that gets damaged because of the seal or basket. For instance, if there is an exhaust manifold gasket that is cracked, then it can result in damage to the exhaust manifold and replacing the same is far more expensive.

Oxygen Sensor

Oxygen sensor plays a vital role in determining the amount of fuel that should go into the engine. If the amount of fuel is too little or too much, you will find that the engine is sputtering. flooding of engine will happen if too much fuel goes in and less than required amount of fuel will reduce engine’s power.

Mass Airflow Sensor

As the name suggests, this part monitors amount of air present within the engine. The engine mixes fuel and air for combustion and running the car. In case amount of air is incorrect, then the fuel level will surely get affected.

Spark Plugs

The role of spark plugs is to ignite gas and air mixture within the combustion chamber for firing up the engine. If the spark plugs are misplaced, dirty, worn out, or old then it can result in engine misfires and sputtering. The engine will also not start if the spark plugs are in bad condition.

We hope the above details have given you a good insight into the problems that result in a sputtering engine. If you find any of this problems in your car then it will be advisable to visit experts and get the issue fixed.

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