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Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Your Car’s Warning Lights

The lights present in your car’s dashboard serve a very important purpose. These can be considered warning lights that tell us something is not right with the vehicle. If you see any such warning light, then you should take immediate action to address the problem. If the warning lights are ignored, then it can result in expensive repairs and more serious issues. Such problems when ignored can also compromise safety while you are driving the car. Let us look at some warning lights and what they mean.

Check Engine Light

If this light is on, it could be because of some serious issue with the engine or due to a gas cap that is wobbly. If the warning is ignored, then the situation can very will worsen over time and require costly repairs. Less serious reasons such as presence of loose gas cap will often settle after certain amount of time. On the other hand, the warning lights could be on because of some serious engine issue like, emission problems, issues in oxygen sensor, or similar other issues. Now, in all these conditions you must take your car to an auto shop.

Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Lights

Brakes are considered one of the vehicle components that can save a life. As such, you need to make sure that the brakes always remain in good condition. If you see the warning light, then it will suggest that something is wrong in the anti-lock brake system. There could be a problem in the mechanism which is responsible for stopping the vehicle's wheels from suddenly getting locked. If the brakes are applied during such a problem, then it can make the wheels skid. Similarly, if you notice the light for brake fluid is on then it will mean that the level of brake fluid is low, there is some issue with the brake pad, or there is a damaged sensor.

Engine Temperature Warning Light

It is also known as thermometer light and indicates overheating of engine. If the warning light is on, then you should stop the car and turn off car's engine. If you continue traveling in such car, then it can result in serious car damage and make it necessary to go for expensive repairs.

Oil Pressure Warning Light

This light can be seen when there are pressure sensor issues, lower oil levels, or problems with the engine. If you ignore this warning light, it may well result in engine damage and can also cause motor breakdown.

Indicator For Tire Pressure

If the tire pressure is critically high or low, then you will see this indicator is active. For example, any of the tires might be having higher or lower pressure compared to other tires or pressure not matching pressure standard mentioned by the manufacturer of tire. You will also see this warning light when pressure sensor is not working properly.

Oil Pressure Warning

This light turns on for a variety of reasons such as, sensor problems, engine issues, or lower level of oil. It will be better to visit an auto repair shop as early as possible since if the problem is ignored then it can result in major engine problems.

Airbag Warning Light

Presence of this light means there is some issue with one or more of the airbags. In such condition, if there is a collision then one of these airbags will not apply. This is one of the serious electrical problems that you should discuss with your nearest a

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