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Being Prepared for Summer Breakdowns

Car breakdowns are a common problem in summer months. By having the right information about the common problems that cause such breakdowns in summer, will better prepare you to tackle them and get your car checked for issues before going out on a summer trip. In the following sections let us look at common car issues that you may have to face in summer months.

Common Summer Breakdowns to Be Prepared For


Summer heat has an adverse effect on tires. If the heat is intense then they may well dry out and a blowout can happen in case tires do not have the right pressure. Moreover, pre-existing smaller problems become severe issues due to extreme heat conditions.


Heat can worsen the problem of brake fading in which the brakes become less effective with time. The result is an increase in braking distance of your vehicle.


Overheating is a problem that your engine will experience in summer months and will often result in breakdowns. The coolant keeps the engine cool and if the level of coolant goes below desired level, then you will see problems creeping in. Thus, you will have to examine the coolant level on regular basis and maintain it.


Due to extreme heat, the liquid present in the battery starts evaporating and the internal plates get exposed. The damage to internal plates eventually hampers proper functioning of the battery.

Engine Oil

Engine oil circulates within the internal systems to provide necessary lubrication to engine parts. Due to summer heat, oil become too hot and starts losing its viscosity. The viscosity allows the engine oil to properly stick to internal systems and lubricate them.

Loss of viscosity means the engine oil is not able to lubricate the parts of the engine, which results in increased wear and tear of such vital internal parts of the engine. The internal systems start failing due to this reason and eventually the car breaks down.

Fuel Leak

Fuel in tank vaporizes due to heat and such trapped vapor results in buildup of pressure within the fuel tank. Cars let the pressure escape the fuel tank using a network of hoses. In case, any of the hoses is cracked, the vaporized fuel would be leaking out and result in lower gas mileage for your car. As such, if the check engine indicator comes on in your car' dashboard then you need to take the car to your nearest service center.


Burning clutch smell is a common problem in summer months and would cause your car to breakdown. Some signs that would tell you that the clutch is damaged include car judders while the clutch pedal is lifted for pulling away or when the car does not drive forward even when you are accelerating hard.

To conclude we can say that there are various issues that can cause a car breakdown in summer and by taking precautionary steps you will be able to prevent your car from breaking down in the middle of the

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