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Digital Inspections - Why they are so much better!

What are the benefits of digital vehicle inspections? If you are looking for answer to this question then the details we will be sharing in the following sections will highlight the advantages of using digital inspections.

Benefits of Digital Vehicle Inspections

Digital vehicle inspection assists in establishing transparency as well as building trust with customers. Such detailed information also helps customers take informed decision about repairs their vehicle requires and make things easier for them as well as service providers.

In addition, various steps of the inspection process can be easily automated using digital vehicle inspection. Few of the other benefits of digital inspection for automotive service and repair shops include:

  • They are able to send their recommendations for repairs along with relevant videos, photographs, and notes directly to customers via email or SMS, resulting in consistent and faster communication.

  • Vehicle repair shops are able to eliminate the guess work involved in handwritten inspections.

  • Repair shops can include several photographs for each item along with text markups to highlight the problem areas.

  • Create several inspection sheets with relative ease.

  • Completed inspection sheets can be archived as part of the customer records.

  • The inspection report can be printed with the aim of presenting the same to the customer.

  • Automotive service providers are able to quickly check vehicle maintenance work that has been scheduled and the recommendations related to OE services.

  • Having access to necessary details, service advisers are able to discuss with greater depth about forthcoming services.

  • Tire inspections, which are highly configurable.

  • It increases credibility of your business since digital inspection allows technicians to create detailed assessment report about overall health of the vehicle.

Features of Digital Vehicle Inspections

Access to Required Information

The benefit of utilizing digital inspection system is that it provides all required vehicle information as soon as the car enters the bay.

Such vehicle information consists of history of the vehicle and present service requests for the vehicle. This way, technicians have clear idea of the tasks that they have to work on.

Clear Communication

When manual inspections are performed, it oftentimes becomes difficult to properly convey necessary recommendations and also the reasons for such recommendations to customers.

Additionally, repair information explained by technicians proves to be too complicated as well as intimidating for customers. The benefit of digital inspections is that you can have associated photographs and videos that clearly explain the problems and the service recommendations.

Improved Productivity

Digital inspections play a vital role in proper scheduling and streamlining of tasks and helps technicians meet deadlines. In addition, technicians are able to accurately anticipate the steps that are to be followed for completing a task.

For instance, technicians are able to order required parts in advance before the vehicle arrives for necessary repairs. Moreover, consistency of inspections increases manifolds and there are lesser chances of omissions.


To conclude we will say that digital inspection proves to be beneficial for both repair shops and customers. Such inspections help to increase productivity of technicians and also ensures that there are fewer roadblocks to overcome.

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