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Is Your Car Running At Its Best For Better Fuel Economy?

If you want to achieve the best fuel economy and get better gas mileage then there are few key things that you will have to look into. You will have to make sure that everything from fuel injectors, tires, spark plug, transmission fluids, to wheel alignment is in order. Let us go through the details in the following sections.

Steps To Ensure Your Car Is Running Its Best

Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors play significant role in improving fuel efficiency of your vehicle. The fuel injector performs the task of pressurizing as well as pumping of fuel into car’s engine. Overtime, the fuel spray makes the area clogged and soiled and the fuel injector starts losing its efficiency.

If you clean the fuel injector, you will notice significant improvement in fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.


Tires and their rolling resistance have an important role to play in fuel economy. The force which affects motion between surface and the wheel is known as rolling resistance. Tires with lower rolling resistance have reduced weight, consist of thinner side-walls, and have shallow tread depths.

Statistics reveal that thirty five to fifty percent of rolling resistance is because of tire tread. Thus, if rib design has shallow tread then such tires will provide greater fuel efficiency.

Apart from tire tread another aspect affecting fuel economy is tire inflation. It is a fact that if a tire is under-inflated by twenty percent then it increases fuel consumption by almost ten percent.

Spark Plug

If spark plug is dirty or worn then it results in engine misfires, which negatively effects performance of the engine. As engine efficiency goes down, it starts consuming more fuel and this in turn, reduces vehicle’s fuel efficiency. Studies show that bad and old spark plugs reduce fuel economy by about 30%.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid reduces friction between rotating and moving metal components. Reduced friction helps to increase the energy which gets transferred to vehicle’s wheels and thus improving gas mileage. By switching over to synthetic fluids you can further lower friction and notice fuel efficiency increase by one to two percent. Moreover, costly breakdown of the transmission system can be avoided by changing transmission fluid on timely basis.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment ensures tires keep driving straight. If the tires are misaligned then it results in poor traction and uneven tire wear. The disadvantage will be that tires will drag rather than roll and negatively affect fuel efficiency. Thus, correct wheel alignment is an easy way of preventive maintenance. In addition, make sure that wheel alignment is carried out then new tires are installed.

From above details it is clear that staying informed about issues that can arise and taking prompt action to rectify those issues is very

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