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The Risks and Hidden Expenditures of Poor Wheel Alignment

Many people try to avoid going to the repair shop for realignment of wheels due to the cost involved and they put it off for as long as possible. But they are unaware of the fact that poor wheel alignment will prove to be more costly overtime. Let us look at some of the serious issues you will have to face because of poor wheel alignment.

Top 3 Issues Resulting Due to Bad Wheel Alignment

  • Reduction in fuel economy

  • Greater amount of tire damage

  • Greater chances of accidents

Reduction in Fuel Economy

All of us feel annoyed when we have to drag around a shopping cart that is not functioning properly. For example, if one wheel of shopping cart is not working, we need to push the shopping cart a bit harder to move forward. Moreover, we have to steer it continuously to ensure it moves in the straight direction.

Similar thing happens with our car and it requires extra amount of force to maintain control when there are misaligned wheels. This use of extra force requires more fuel utilization, resulting in additional expenditure.

Greater Amount of Tire Damage

It is a fact that if wheel alignment is off by only 1/8 of an inch, it can result in about twenty percent rise in damage of tires. In addition, damage generally occurs in any of the sides of the tire, which in turn will make the tire useless if the problem is not detected early on. So, if wheel alignment issues are not detected and fixed in time, you may have to replace the tires, resulting in additional expenditures.

Greater Chances of Accidents

Bad wheel alignment causes the car to move to the right or left instead of going straight. Additionally, if the steering wheel does not move in a particular direction, then it is very much likely that car would drift in one direction and would hit something.

It is also possible that the tire blows out because of excessive wear and tear on the outer or inner edges of the tire. If such a thing happens on the highway, it can prove to be dangerous for you as well as other vehicles on the road, increase chances of accident, and will also be very expensive to repair.

What causes wheel alignment issues?

Some of the common reasons for bad wheel alignment include:

  • Suspension parts which have become old.

  • If you take frequent hard turns.

  • Steering components which have worn out.

  • Uneven impact on front tires because of rolled curbs or potholes.

Finally, we can say that poor wheel alignment can cause many different problems, result in safety risk, and increase your expenditure. What you can do to prevent these issues is go for inspection of wheel alignment problems at regular intervals and get the problem fixed before it becomes a major concern.

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