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Why You Must Keep Your Engine Cool.

If your car engine gets too hot, it will result in vehicle damage and at the same time risk your safety. Let's look at reasons why engine gets hot and what you can do if such a thing happens.

Why engine gets hot?

Hot weather conditions are not the only reason for an overheated engine. There can be other reasons, which we will be exploring in this section.

Problems in Cooling System

Cooling system in a car function to keep engine temperature down. But, if there is a leak in the cooling system, pump malfunction, or similar other issues then the coolant will not be circulating in right manner, causing the engine to heat up.

Issues with Thermostat

Thermostat plays the role of regulating coolant flow in the engine. If the thermostat malfunctions, then it will cause the engine to overheat.

Reduction in Motor Oil

Apart from lubricating moving parts, motor oil helps in removing excess heat. If the motor oil level goes down, then the engine will become hot.

Malfunctioning Cooling Fan

If the cooling fan is not running or not operating at required level, then the engine will overheat. Radiator fans generally operate through electric motors and if there is any mechanical problem then the fan will fail to provide desired level of air flow.

What type of damage can occur due to overheated engine?

Head Gasket Failure

Head gasket creates a tight seal between cylinder head and engine block. It also ensures that coolant remains in right channels within the engine. Due to overheating engine, aluminum material may well crack, expand, swell, or warp.

If cylinder head warps, it could separate out of the engine block, resulting in creation of leak in head gasket. If this happens then engine will begin burning coolant and oil, making it unsafe to drive the car till the time head gasket is replaced.

Reduction in Engine Power

If the engine overheats, it will not be able to provide required power for keeping the car moving at desired speed. By taking the right steps, which help the engine maintain optimum temperature you will be able to make the engine as required.

What to do if engine overheats?

Let us now look at few of the things that you can do when you notice that the engine is overheating.

  • Park the vehicle in the shade.

  • Utilize window shades with UV resistance.

  • Put window film or window tint.

  • Keep the windows open slightly when the car is parked somewhere.

  • Keep the AC on fresh air mode for around ten minutes so as to remove trapped hot air.

  • Monitor the temperature gauge and if angled towards hot, turn off car's engine to let it cool down.

  • Maintain adequate coolant level.

  • Get the radiator flushed by expert technicians to get rid of the dirt that accumulates in the coolant.

  • Replace the battery if it is too old since the car needs to work harder when battery is not right and result in overheating problem.

  • Check drive belt since if it breaks coolant circulation will get hampered and overheating issue will surface.

As we can see, overheating of engine is a serious problem and you need to immediately take help of experienced technicians to

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